Kitchen design is a whole consisting of standards and quality expectations. First of all, design steps have to consider human engineering requirements, functionality, and architectural constraints. Homer Woodworks provides years of experience and knowledge during the design and guides customers according to needs to avoid any wastage of resources.

Also, it is critical to establish an accurate understanding of the quality expectation for material, building method, and accessories used for the project. All the details need to be indicated on the drawings and other project documents.

Homer Wood Works offers samples (doors, panels, accessories), 3D drawings, Product List, Production and Assembly schedules, Quotation and all possible installation alternatives based on kitchen industry best practices.



Production begins according to the first version of the design process. Homer Wood Works keeps the client up to date with predetermined stages through photographs, details and drawings. If the production continues as planned in the design, it is completed by informing the customer regularly. Change requests from the client are applied to the project as long as they do not change the total project duration and cause significant cost differences.


Assembly is the most critical stage of the project after design. It is one of the most immutable rules of our company policy that the assembly team has made the preparations in advance entirely, that they are at the place where the assembly will be done in the time frame under the project plan, and that they take all customer feedback into account during the installation.